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VPS Servers

We offer high performance, unmanaged* VPS servers housed in European and US datacentres.

All VPS servers come with solid state disk space as standard! (up to 100x faster than traditional hard drives!)

Please contact us on 01223 850 730, or email sales@primexeon.com if you would like to order. Please note that the use of our servers for bulk or commercial mailing, irc, torrents or any other illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

VPS1 – 512MB/1 CPU
VPS2 – 1GB/1 CPU
VPS6 – 16GB/8 CPUS
VPS7 – 32GB/12 CPUS
VPS8 – 48GB/16 CPUS
VPS9 – 64GB/20 CPUS
VPS10 – 96GB/24 CPUS

Available extras

  • cPanel Licence – £21.00 per month

*All our servers by default are supplied unmanaged. Upon order and first payment we will image the server with the specified operating system and install your SSH public key (if provided). Additional technical support after this can be purchased at the rate of £60 per hour.

Our current VPS configuration unfortunately enforces a limit of 1 IP address per virtual server. We are currently in the process of developing support for additional IP addresses.

To discuss your web or IT requirements and to get a free quote, please contact us on 01223 850 730 or email hello@primexeon.com