I am receiving too many SPAM emails. How can I stop this?

There are a few things that can be done to handle SPAM, but this must be implemented at your user level.

Firstly, don't ever announce your email addresses publicly. Robots search the internet and find emails posted on websites, forums and email forms and add these to their SPAM lists.

Secondly, enable Spamassassin for your email accounts via your control panel. SPAM can then be marked with *****SPAM***** in the header, and you can filter this out into Trash/Spam folders by downloading email using a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thirdly, enable your default catch all email address to ":fail: no such user here". This will bounce all SPAM emails being sent to random email addresses using your domain name. If you use a real email address, then all random SPAM will end up in your inbox for that email address.

Fourthly, avoid using an auto-responder. This is because an auto-responder will confirm that the email address is valid, and SPAM robots will then know to send more SPAM to such an email.

These are some steps that can be taken to avoid SPAM, but much of it depends on you thinking very carefully about how to make it difficult for SPAM to get through.
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