How do I remove the Frontpage Extensions?

How do I remove the Frontpage Extensions?

You can remove the Microsoft Frontpage Extensions very easily from your website control panel in a few simple clicks.

Firstly, log-in to your website control panel (/cpanel)
From the main screen, click on “Frontpage Extensions” icon which takes you to the Microsoft Frontpage Extensions Menu.

You can now click on “Un-Install Extensions” which will remove the microsoft Frontpage Extensions from your web space and then click on “Clean up old extensions” which will scan your web space for orphaned Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions and remove those too.

The “Clean up old extensions” is required simply because the extensions are accessible via FTP to the person creating the website and can sometimes be incorrectly moved or corrupted if the user is not sure what they are doing.

This simply enables a “clean re-install” if required.

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